Defection of Kenyan MPs futile

July 8, 2010 12:00 am

, NYAHURURU, Kenya, Jul 8 – Two Members of Parliament have poured cold water on the defection of three senior Party of National Unity members to the No camp saying it would not affect the campaign for the new Constitution.

Industrialisation Assistant Minister Nderitu Mureithi and Ndaragwa MP Jeremiah Kioni labeled the three as “water melons that have been without a stand.”

“Actually these are some of the leaders we have been talking about who are not committed to ensure that Kenya gets a new Constitution. It’s good that we have removed some of the water melons in our team,” Mr Kioni said.

 “They are acting out of frustration after their attempts to drag us behind failed,” he added.

Party of National Unity Vice Chairman George Nyamweya, Kigumo MP Jamleck Kamau and Peter Mwathi of Limuru announced they had formally joined the No camp after their attempts to suspend the referendum and seek consensus over the contentious issues were allegedly frustrated by Parliament’s House Business Committee.

They argued that there was still time to discuss their Bill to postpone the August 4 vote before the House goes on recess.

Reacting to the defections, Mr Mureithi who is the MP for Laikipia West called on Kenyans to be wary of leaders out to mislead them for their sake of their own interests. He advised them to read the new draft law which he said was a Kenyan driven initiative which would ensure that there was equitable distribution of resources.

“The defection of the MPs was in the offing and did not come as a surprise to the Yes team. Our campaigns will go on as planned,” said Mr Mureithi.

The two MPs were speaking while on a Yes campaign tour of Ndaragwa and Laikipia West constituencies on Wednesday. They said the enactment of the new law would also ensure that all Kenyan children get access to a free and compulsory education.

They also noted that land disputes which have been a cause of frequent conflict between various communities and families will be addressed critically by the new law.


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