Shocking details of 19 Kenya murders

June 9, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 9 – A former G4S security guard who has now confessed to killing at least 19 people in the past three years has led police to places where he dumped the bodies of some of his victims.

On Wednesday morning, he was due to take police officers to a residence in Riverside, where he said he had dumped the body of a woman in a septic tank after killing her last year.

“I was attached there as a guard.  I met the woman, lured her and later strangled her.  I will show you (the body), because I am sure it has never been discovered,” he said.

On Tuesday night, he took police officers to the offices of the Nairobi Water And Sewerage Company in Karen, where he hid the body of another female victim.

“I killed her when I used to work here.  I just lured her and she followed me, that is when I took her up there,” the guard identified by police as Philip Onyancha said at the scene.

During police interrogation, the suspect said he interacted with the second woman in November 2008 when he was attached at the water company as a guard from G4S.

“I had known her for some time and we used to talk because she used to live at a servants quarter behind this company (offices).  I liked her and whenever I develop liking for a woman, I usually want to kill her. It is not my fault, I was initiated into this,” he added.

“I have a passion for drinking blood, I don’t even rape women, and actually I did not rape this one.  I just killed her and sucked blood from the neck,” he shockingly confessed.

Employees and guards at the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company headquarters in Karen were stunned when police arrived there with the suspect who took them directly to the ceiling where skeletons of the woman were recovered.

“I usually hide bodies of people I kill to ensure they are not discovered, I was very sure no one who could have discovered this woman’s body if I did not show you,” the soft spoken self-confessed serial killer said and added: “I am not usually myself when I do these things, I was initiated to this thing, I think it is like a cult.”

Police were unable to retrieve the remains of the woman on Tuesday night and said they would embark on the exercise on Wednesday morning.

The suspect was arrested last week after detectives traced his phone which he had used to demand ransom from the family of a young boy who was kidnapped three months ago.

On being arrested, the suspect took the police to a forest near Lenana School where the skeleton and clothes of the boy were found.

He admitted having abducted the boy whom he later killed but continued to demand ransom from the boy’s family until he was arrested.  He is yet to reveal his accomplices.

Early on Tuesday, the suspect took police to the banks of Lake Naivasha where he showed them where he dumped the bodies of two of his other victims.

“I killed the two people… a woman and a small boy when I was attached to guard a flower farm near the Lake.  After killing them, I just threw their bodies in the lake,” he said.

Police were able to recover a pair of sandals and clothes of one of the victims and are still searching for the two bodies.

The Head of the Special Crimes Prevention Unit (SCPU) Richard Katola who is leading the investigation said the suspect had confessed to killing 19 people.

“He is cooperating well with us and he has even pledged to show us all the bodies or where he had dumped them.  So far, we are making very good progress,” Mr Katola said.

“He has been able to show us at least 10 crime scenes now.  Some of the other people he killed were women in lodgings and the bodies were found, but at least he is able to recall very well,” Mr Katola said.


In an interview, the suspect said he was remorseful for the killings and blamed it all on “bad spirits.”

“I was initiated into this cult.  I blame it all on my former high school teacher,” he said but claimed that he cannot recall the woman’s name.

G4S Security Company where the suspect used to work sent a statement to newsrooms on Tuesday and confirmed he was indeed their employee until March 25, this year.

“We would like to clarify that Mr Onyancha failed our enhanced integrity testing and, as a result, was dismissed from employment,” the firm’s Chief Operation’s Director Martin Otiti said.


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