Raila holds Yes rallies in Western Kenya

June 26, 2010 12:00 am

, KAKAMEGA, Kenya, Jun 26 – Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Saturday asked the leadership in Western province to spearhead the campaigns for the proposed constitution to realise the Kenyan dream.

He informed a leader’s meeting at a Kakamega hotel that provisions in the new laws could transform the governance structures in the country and spur economic growth.

“We have to market this constitution to the electorate so that we endorse the document which I strongly believe will present a peaceful revolution in the country,” The Premier said.

He said the proposed order entailed devolution and equity in distribution of resources which lacked under the present Constitution which gives the central government paramount authority over any region.

Mr Odinga said the proposed system was tailored to devolve such responsibilities to the 47 county governments which were due to receive not less than 15 percent of country’s budgetary allocation to meet her social needs.

“The Treasury will no longer dictate terms for the rest of the country. Every county will prioritise their budgetary needs after getting their share from the central government,” he said.

He told the leaders during his two days campaigns in the region that the proposed document also had provisions for an equalisation mechanism that could bridge the disparity in development witnessed in the country under the old system.

The Premier blamed the old Constitution for selective and skewed development across the nation as areas the ruling elites deemed to be hostile remained marginalized for political reasons.

“The proposed equalisation fund will help bring up areas that were left lagging behind so that communities in those marginalized areas can catch up with the rest of the country,” he said.

Mr Odinga who was accompanied by Members of Parliament from the region including Deputy Premier Musalia Mudavadi urged the leaders derived from all communities in western province to exploit the ethnic diversity in the region for the good of the country.

The leaders later attended a Yes rally at the Kakamega’s  Masinde Muliro gardens where at least 30 MPS graced the occasion.


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