Kenyan serial killer reveals more

June 11, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 11 – Serial killer Philip Onyancha has revealed five more scenes where he committed murders in Nairobi last year.

He told police that he killed two women who worked as commercial sex workers in Dagoreti and left their bodies in separate rooms which he showed investigators on Friday afternoon.

Police in the area and the management of Three Stairs Bar where the rooms are located have also confirmed the incidents which took place in April last year.

“He has revealed more and he still has more to tell.  We are still interrogating him. He has revealed five more killings he admits to have committed last year,” the Head of the Special Prevention Unit (SCPU) Richard Katola who is leading the investigation said.

There was tension when an angry mob threatened to lynch him in Dagoreti, forcing police officers to cock their guns before they left for Ngong Forest where he showed them two other spots where he dumped two other bodies of women.

Police and residents in the area confirmed they had discovered two bodies in those areas, soon after the murders which the serial killer committed between April and August last year.

“The information he is giving us is corroborating with police records and what residents are telling us like the Ngong forest murder cases.  These are things that are still fresh in people’s minds here,” Mr Katola said and added: “The murders had remained a mystery to us because no one has ever been arrested in connection with them.”

Mr Onyancha says the victims were strangers to him.

“I cannot really say I know any of them very well, because whenever I developed that urge of drinking blood, I went for my target. I don’t know any of those women but I recall the incidents very well,” he said.

The suspect later led police to a house in Gikomba where he confessed to have killed a woman and left her body in a house early last year.

He told police he befriended the woman for a few weeks before she invited him into her house where he decided to kill her before he sucked blood and fled.

At the busy Gikomba market, police left him in the car and followed directions he gave them to room 207 on the second floor of Mt Kenya building.

A caretaker of the building Evanson Maina said they discovered the body of the woman three days after she had been killed.

“When we discovered the body in the woman’s room, she had gone missing for three days.  We suspected a man who had been visiting her but no one knew him,” Maina said.

So far, Onyancha has owned up to nine murders in Nairobi, four in Thika, one in Nyeri and Nakuru and four in Naivasha, bringing the total to 19.

During interrogations and interviews with journalists, Onyancha revealed that he was targeting 100 people and was mainly targeting women and children aged between eight to 10 years.

He alleges he was initiated by a female teacher while at the Kenyatta Secondary School in Nyeri.

The female teacher was arrested within Kasarani area on Thursday night and was still in custody on Friday as police continued to interrogate her.

Detectives involved in the matter told Capital News the woman had not made any revelations yet.



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