Kenyan health ministry to restructure

June 10, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 10 – The Ministry of Public Health says it aims to restructure the drug delivery system to implement a new model where medicines would be delivered to health facilities on demand.

Minister Beth Mugo said on Wednesday that the measure, to be implemented in the next financial year, would ensure health facilities did not run out of crucial medicines as well as avoid taking drugs where they were not needed.

“There will be somebody specifically responsible for calling the health centers and dispensaries at a certain day in a month and finding out who has run out of stock and then instead of waiting until a vehicle goes around the whole country delivering, some waiting a long time for this vehicle to come, we will be able to send the medicine to that particular institution immediately,” she said.

The Minister also said that the government was opposed to a procurement support service known as Voluntary Pooled Procurement (VPP) where the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria provides support to countries to resolve procurement bottlenecks and supply chain management challenges.

“One day this fund will stop because it is not going to be forever. It will mean us starting to establish our systems again. What we have decided is to strengthen KEMSA (Kenya Medical Supplies Agency) so that we can procure effectively and deliver,” Mrs Mugo said.

The VPP also facilitates timely access to pharmaceuticals and health products and the principal recipients could take advantage of the benefits of pooled purchasing which include efficient, timely and reliable procurement, stringent quality standards for products procured through VPP and attractive pricing for key healthcare commodities.

The Minister was speaking after the closing of a Global Fund regional meeting in Nairobi where she said Kenya had submitted an application for round 10 of the funds to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria.

“This is the replenishing year for Global Fund and we appeal to the donor communities to give more funding to the fund so that we can also receive more,” she said.

The Global fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria is a multi-billion dollar international financing mechanism that aims to increase availability of funding and receives its finances from the G8 countries and then gives grants to countries that are most in need.


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