Question for Kenya referendum out

May 13, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, May 13 – The Interim Independent Electoral Commission has now published the referendum question.

The question reads: "Do you approve the proposed new Constitution?"

Or in Kiswahili: “Je, unaikubali katiba mpya inayopendekezwa?”

Voters will then be required to either tick Yes or No during the August referendum.

The gazette notice is dated 12 May exactly a week after the publication of the proposed Constitution and in accordance with the law.

The question rules out the possibility of a multi choice referendum that had been advanced by church leaders and politicians in the No camp, who had wanted Kenyans to be given an opportunity to vote separately on the contentious issues.

The No camp has objected to provisions on land, abortion clause and the inclusion of Kadhis courts.

The IIEC is expected to reveal the symbols that will be used in the referendum and the date of the poll next week.

The Commission on Tuesday asked the public to suggest the symbols to be used.

The Parliamentary Select Committee on the Constitution Review has already ruled out the use of Oranges or Bananas that were used in the 2005 referendum and any of the signs or colours used by the registered 47 political parties.

According to the law guiding the process the referendum should be held by the first week of August.

The Committee of Experts on the Constitution Review is currently conducting a month long civic education scheduled to end in three weeks.


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