President drums up draft Kenya law

May 27, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, May 27 – The eighth Annual National prayer breakfast took place on Thursday with a call for “unity of a nation in diversity” especially during the current Constitution review process.

President Mwai Kibaki and National Assembly Speaker Kenneth Marende led the event that brings together Members of Parliament and senior civil servants to offer prayers for the nation.

President Kibaki used the occasion to drum up support for the Proposed Constitution but at the same time calling for tolerance of divergent views.
“Our people deserve to be told the truth so that they can make informed decisions,” he said adding that “the new Constitution gives us hope of consolidating the reforms we have embarked on.”
“Personally I support the new Constitution,” he said but was quick to add “we must remember that our mortal efforts are in vain unless God blesses them.”

“I call upon Kenyans to pray to God for the wisdom and strength to bring about the reforms we need in this country.” On reconciliation the Head of State said “we all have individual responsibility to build a cohesive and peaceful country.”

Mr Marende hailed the importance of the event coming at a time of heightened referendum campaigns. He urged all Kenyans to continue offering prayers “in and out of Church.”

“Come August 4, your prayers shall be answered. Your answer shall be Yes or No and either way we shall all be bound by it,” he remarked.

Eldoret Catholic bishop Cornelius Korir who was the main speaker steered clear of the Constitutional debate and instead challenged political leaders and the civil servants to unite in fighting tribalism in the country. He urged the government to prioritize national cohesion in its agenda.
“The tribal grouping of different political parties has contributed tension in this country and we need to know how we can work together with different parties,” he said.

Bishop Korir said “we should combine reconciliation with development.”

He gave an example of his own initiative in the Rift Valley where they unite warring communities but in addition provide them with livestock to ensure they have a means of livelihood.

Marakwet East MP Margaret Kamar and Nazarene University Chancellor led the congregation in the prayers. The event is organised by the Parliament’s fellowship.


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