Colours picked for Kenya referendum

May 17, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, May 17 – The Interim Independent Electoral Commission (IIEC) has picked colors to be used during the referendum in August.

A statement on the IIEC website said:  “The Commission has now identified appropriate symbols for the Referendum.  Green will symbolise Yes, while Red will represent No.”

The decision was arrived at after an early Monday morning meeting at the IIEC offices.

Click here to read the IIEC statement.

The IIEC invited suggestions from Kenyans and had said it would narrow down on simple symbols and colors that would not cause any confusion.

It also said it was keen to ensure political party colors were not chosen.

Suggestions were wide-ranging including objects, shapes, animals, nature, colors and even numbers.

The IIEC gazetted the referendum question in readiness for the August 4 poll last week.  The question reads: "Do you approve the Proposed new Constitution?"  Or "Je, unaikubali katiba mpya inayopendekezwa?"

Voters will be required to either tick Green for Yes or Red for No during the referendum.

After the IIEC publicised the symbols, there were mixed reactions with some supporting the decision while others dismissed them.

Those in support said they appreciated the simplicity.

Suleiman told Capital News: “the colors are simple but people are likely to associate them with products.  That is my only fear.”

Others associated the colors with traffic lights.  Some said red openly meant danger meaning that the No camp would not win, while green represented safety.

Others said they were expecting use of other symbols but not colors.  “They could have used a lion, an elephant, or even a plate and a spoon… something that represents something, the moon or the sun.”

The IIEC is later expected to announce the referendum campaign period and the deadline by which Referendum Committees should be registered with the Commission.


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