Chiefs to stay if new Kenya law passes

May 23, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, May 22 – The proposed Constitution will not make civil servants lose their jobs, President Mwai Kibaki has reassured.

The President particularly urged chiefs to work without fear as their jobs were secure contrary to the misrepresentation of facts by opponents of the new Constitution.

President Kibaki, who was addressing thousands of wananchi during a ‘Yes’ support Forum at Embakasi, said the proposed Constitution will usher in many benefits including job creation and improve on efficiency, accountability and good governance.

The President, who declared his full support for the new Constitution, also expressed confidence that Kenyans were ready to vote and ensure that a new constitutional dispensation was attained in the country after 25 years search.

The Head of State said Kenyans wanted change now and should be given the right information on the Constitution and how it will improve on the management of affairs in the country so as to make an informed decision during the August 4 referendum.

President Kibaki observed that after the long journey towards the realization of a new Constitution, it was now time Kenyans concluded the exercise so as to direct their energies to other development priorities in the country.

The President, who was flanked by Prime Minister Raila Odinga, several Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament, party leaders and regional representatives, urged Kenyans to reach out to those holding contrary opinion on the new document and enlighten them on its benefits.

President Kibaki noted that a lot of falsehoods regarding the proposed new constitution were being peddled by opponents of the new law and urged Kenyans to read the document for themselves so as not to be misled on the clauses said to be controversial.

“Beware of a few people distorting contents of the proposed constitution to serve narrow interests,” President Kibaki warned Kenyans.

President Kibaki cited equitable distribution of resources and improved governance at the national and proposed county levels of government as some of the benefits of the new constitution.

On unity in the country, the President urged Kenyans to accommodate divergent views of others for harmonious coexistence.

President Kibaki cautioned that confrontational campaigns, inflammatory statements and other propaganda on the new constitution may instigate intolerance and should be avoided at all costs.

The President, therefore, called on Kenyans to pray for opponents of the new constitution not to engage in hate campaign but instead preach peace and unity in the country.

The Head of state reiterated his earlier call to parents to enroll all children in school to benefit from the government free primary and subsidized secondary education.

The President said it was only through good education that Kenyans can fully participate in development activities.

On the great North Road from Lamu linking the country to Ethiopia and Southern Sudan, the Head of State reiterated the Government’s commitment to infrastructural development as a priority for Kenyans to access and benefit from the expanded East African common market.

President Kibaki noted that Kenyans will immensely benefit from the regional common market which aims at accelerating economic growth and development in the member states.

On his part, Prime Minister Raila Odinga dispelled roamers peddled by those opposing the new constitution that the Government had sought treasury funding for the ‘Yes’ campaigns.

The Prime Minister said he declared the new constitution a Government project because the document had been passed unanimously by Parliament.

Mr. Odinga observed that the new constitution would help form a firm foundations to improve on governance and fight corruption in the country.

The Prime Minister said those championing rejection of the new constitution after it was passed by Parliament were land grabbers out to protect their ill-gotten wealth.

He reassured Kenyans that, once passed, the new constitution would safeguard the rights of both the majority and the minority in the spirit of democracy.

The enthusiastic crown by a show of hands assured the principals that they would vote for the new constitution during the August 4th referendum.

Cabinet Ministers who spoke during the occasion paid glowing tribute to President Kibaki and Premier Raila for leading from the front in the search for a new constitution and assured that they will vigorously campaign and win those opposed to the document so that Kenyans go to the referendum as a united nation.

The ‘Yes’ Support Forum was attended by party leaders, regional representatives and over twenty Members of Parliament from across the country.


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