Special fund row in Kenyan council

April 12, 2010 12:00 am

, NYAHURURU, Kenya, Apr 12 – A row has emerged between civic leaders from the Nyandarua County Council over a Sh30 million High Performance Allocation Fund that the council was awarded by the ministry of Local Government for its exemplary performance.

The bonus was intended to speed up execution of projects which have in the past delayed for several years among them health centres, classrooms projects, a police post and maternity wings.

A group led by Kanu nominated Councillor Esther Njogu and Maina Wanjiku stormed out of a finance committee meeting on Monday protesting what they termed as unequal distribution of council resources to the residents of the larger Nyandarua district, which is within the council’s jurisdiction.

She said that projects in Nyandarua South District where the county council chairman comes from were favoured while those in Nyandarua North were allocated minimal funding.

The civic leaders were deliberating how to spend Sh257 million from general revenues and monies from the Local Authority Transfer Fund (LATF).

“A sub location like Pesi in Ndaragwa constituency has never benefited from any service from the council in spite of paying land rates, single business permits among other levies since 1999,” protested Ms Njogu.

She added that Kinangop constituency has a dispensary, classroom and market projects funded to the tune of Sh15 million while Ndaragwa constituency has received only Sh7 million to facilitate completion of similar high cost projects.

The councillors also complained that the chief officers gave them copies of the supplementary budget barely an hour before the meeting, and they alleged ulterior motives in the move.

“We rarely have time to go through them keenly and they seize the opportunity to use us as a rubber stamp to endorse what they want at the expense of our electorate,” Ms Njogu alleged.

The civic leaders also protested an intended purchase of a Sh11 million lorry using the high performance allocation, without prior consultations with the full council.

The meeting heard that the council’s two graders and lorries were still in Nyandarua South two years later despite civic leaders in Nyandarua North having received Sh50,000 allocation for road grading.


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