Kenyans warned of Alcoblow comeback

April 28, 2010 12:00 am


NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 27 – The government on Tuesday announced the reintroduction of breathalyzers whose use was suspended by the High court in 2004 in a fresh bid to reduce accidents on Kenyan roads.

Speaking after a consultative meeting of the Road Safety Council, acting Transport Minister Amos Kimunya said the police department would take into consideration concerns raised when Alcoblow was withdrawn but failed to state whether the legal issues had been resolved.

“I think the message is clear; if you are going out tonight to drink, make sure you have a dedicated sober driver to take you home,” said Mr Kimunya while reading the statement of the resolutions of the safety council.

“You never know when you will find it (Alcoblow).”

The government was forced to withdraw the device after a motorist challenged its use in court.

The safety council also resolved to fast track the introduction of instant fines and ticketing to further enhance sanity on the roads. The team agreed that the famous 2003 Michuki rules will also be reinforced.

“The rules have never been suspended. There are areas in this country where you will see them implemented. We now want to see this rolled out through the entire country,” said Mr Kimunya.

The Minister said the safety council had further agreed to review regulations governing boda boda transport to introduce more stringent measures. Mr Kimunya opined that the safety council would be making new rules to man the industry.

“As much as we want to create employment we also want to do that in a sustainable way,” he said.

Kenya Airports Authority

The minister has in the meantime stood hi his decision on the controversial appointment of Stephen Gichuki as the Managing Director at the Kenya Airport Authority, saying the government had not received any official communication from Parliament opposing the appointment.

Mr Kimunya appointed Mr Gichuki barely two days after he was named the acting Minister despite resistance from the Parliamentary Committee on Transport which said the appointment process was flawed.

“We have not received any communication from the Clerk’s office as is the practice,” he said adding that the appointment was approved “by the government including the Prime Minister.”

The chairman of the Parliamentary Committee in Transport  David Were and Public Accounts Committee Chairman Bonny Khalwale have said they will censure Mr Kimunya over the matter when the housed re-opens in June.

“I don’t want us to talk about Parliament issues here, lets meet in the House,” Mr Kimunya told journalists.


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