Kenyan MPs warned over campaigns

April 14, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 14 – The Parliamentary Caucus on Reforms on Wednesday urged those campaigning for either a Yes or No vote in the referendum to temper their rhetoric and avoid a repeat of the divisive 2005 referendum.

Convenor Danson Mungatana said the Interim Independent Electoral Commission and political parties should be left to focus on educating Kenyans on the contents of the draft.

“We want to urge a depersonalisation of this campaign. It is not about some political personalities that are differing in Kenya at the moment it is about Kenya, it is about a new Constitution,” he said.

The Garsen MP led 10 legislators in urging Kenyans to ensure they are well informed on the contents of the draft constitution before they vote.

They also supported calls by the IIEC for the Attorney General to delay publication of the draft to allow the commission complete the voter registrations exercise.

“We want to urge Kenyans that families must remain families whether or not you hold the same opinion we want to urge Kenyans. Friends must remain friends whether or not you vote on the same side of the referendum,” he said.

He further called on Kenyans to enlist as voters, noting that currently only 30 percent of voters who participated in the 2007 general election had been registered.

“You should register for this referendum because yout vote for a Yes or a No would matter to how you shall live in this country.”

Meanwhile, two members of the caucus emerged after the briefing to announce that they would support the adoption of the draft.

Nyando MP Fred Outa and his Kilgoris counterpart Gideon Konchellah challenged their counterparts in Parliament to make their stand known since they had been elected as leaders by their constituents.

He said; “I made my choice because I have read the document and it has good things for this nation and so I want to categorically say that I stand on a Yes katiba!”

Mr Konchellah endorsed the document saying it will help address the current problem Kenyans have been facing such as corruption, poverty and an inefficient Judiciary as well land related issues.

“The document that we are talking about is not for us, it is for our grandchildren.”


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