Kenyan MPs pass new law

April 2, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, April 2 – President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Thursday joined other Members of Parliament in unanimously passing the draft Constitution.
Supporting the motion, President Kibaki expressed full support for the draft constitution saying, Kenyans need to be given a new constitution, which they have yearned for the last 21 years.
The President reminded legislators that the country had gone through very tough times and urged them to seize the historical moment to pass the draft constitution and set the stage of propelling the nation to higher heights of prosperity.
He noted that the ripe moment had arrived to pass the constitution and any other changes to the law may be done at the rightful time by future generations as the nation progresses on.
President Kibaki observed, “An occasion will arise in future to improve the new constitution.”
He applauded various organs involved in the constitutional review process for their selflessness and dedication particularly the guidance of the Speaker of the National Assembly Hon. Kenneth Marende.
The President further commended the Parliamentary Select Committee and its youthful members who have coordinated the process and expressed confidence that they had the potential to steer the nation to great heights.
PSC Chairman Mohamed Abdikadir noted that the draft constitution had set the stage for the most far-reaching reforms in the history of the country.
He appealed to Parliament to allow Kenyans to decide on their own on the goodness of the draft law as the people bestowed with sovereignty of the nation.
Mr Abdikadir noted that most of the amendments tabled before parliament emanated from only two of the 18 chapters comprising of the proposed constitution.
He also allayed fears emanating from misinformation being peddled in the public with regard to the draft constitution, particularly on issues of unionisation of national security forces, abortion and devolution, which he termed as baseless.
Mr Abdikadir noted that other fears were based on past experiences such as historical injustices and marginalization of certain regions but noted that the draft law had addressed most issues as well as setting the stage for radical changes.
The Prime Minister Rt Hon Raila Odinga urged Parliament not to deny Kenyans a new constitution and declared that the proposed law had many better provisions unlike the current constitution.
The Prime Minister affirmed that there was no perfect constitution anywhere in the world and urged Parliament to adopt the new law.
In attendance was Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka and several Cabinet Ministers.


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