Kenyan Church No campaign for Uhuru Park

April 30, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 30 – Church leaders are set to officially launch their No campaign to the proposed Constitution at a rally next Saturday at Uhuru Park.

National Council of Churches of Kenya General Secretary Canon Peter Karanja who announced the prayer meeting said “the Church has numbers to push for the rejection of the new law.”

“We plan to use the Sunday worship services to explain the concerns of this draft,” he said adding “when people gather at weddings and funerals the clergy will also be at work.”

This rally comes after leaders of the NCCK, the Catholic Church and the Anglican Church declared they would reject the draft law.

Church leaders on Wednesday announced talks with the State had collapsed after the Cabinet ruled out amendments before the referendum.

The Attorney General is set to publish the draft next Thursday after which the Interim Independent Electoral Commission will have 90 days to conduct a referendum.

“At the announcement of the referendum results is when Kenyans will know the kind of numbers we have,” said Canon Karanja.

The General Secretary said the government should not use State resources for the Yes campaigns.

“We want to know where the Yes campaign is getting their funds and if it is from Treasury we ought to have a share,” he said. “But the clergy will use the offering to carry out its campaign.”

Church leaders are opposed to the inclusion of the Kadhis Courts in the Constitution claiming it amounts to favoring of Muslims. They have also opposed the clause on life claiming it leaves a loophole for the legalisation of abortion.

The State had asked the church to endorse the draft as it is then pursue amendments later through the popular vote route which requires them to collect a million signatures. This would then be followed by a referendum.

Church leaders have however remained adamant and declared on Wednesday that they would now concentrate on mobilising the faithful to reject the new law at the August referendum.


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