Kenyan women urged to take front seat

March 21, 2010 12:00 am

, MERU, Kenya, Mar 21 – Kenyan women have been challenged to play a more active role in the management of the country’s affairs.

The wife of the Vice President Pauline Kalonzo said women had the capacity and numbers to make landmark contributions that could chart the destiny of the country and their potential should be recognized instead of being brushed aside.

“For a long time, women in Kenya have been sidelined from decision making processes in spite of having the requisite ability and acumen,” she said.

Mrs Kalonzo said women were the pillars of the family and the society and should be accorded their rightful recognition.

Speaking in Meru town where she attended the annual Catholic women thanks giving prayers, Mrs Kalonzo told women to use their resoluteness and their immense voting powers to bring about the necessary reforms that would assure Kenyans of stability and development.

“You choose the kings of this country and through your prayers and numerical voting strength, you can be able to shape the future of this country,” said the VP’s spouse.

She told the hundreds of women who attended the prayer meeting conducted by the Meru Catholic Bishop Salesius Mugambi that the country’s destiny rested in their hands and through prayers and their unshakeable resolve, Kenyans should looked forward to a better future.

She urged women to rise above political, religion and tribal belonging and preach peace to help the country heal and live in sustainable unity.

Mrs Kalonzo praised women’s strong attributes which she said have enabled the country to emerge stronger from near disintegration following the 2007 general election.

“You sought God’s intervention when this country was burning and He heard your prayers. Use the same tact and definitely this nation will stand firm,” she said.


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