Vast reader interest in Arunga saga

February 19, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 19 – Readers on the Capital FM website have expressed mixed reactions over the controversy involving former KTN news anchor Esther Arunga who quit her job and moved out of her parent’s home to stay with her pastor and mentor Jazz Maestro Joseph Hellon of the Finger of God church.

While some agree with that she is “an adult and deserves to stay and live with whoever she wants to, many felt she is doing all that out of frustration.”

Others wrote that whatever she said at a press conference on Thursday “was the work of spirits which have engulfed her and that she is not herself” while some congratulated her for going public about her life.”

The story on Ms Arunga on  has recorded unprecedented comments and hits.

Becky Maingi wrote “Congratulations Esther and Hellon u have now managed to become a celeb.”
While another reader who only identified himself as John sought to agree with her by saying “It’s her life and she can choose who to be with.” He also warned that “I hope it will not affect her when all falls down.”

Ms Arunga’s story which broke out earlier this week has been the talk of town and was fuelled further on Thursday when the former news anchor addressed a news conference and told journalists to leave her alone.

“The press should leave me alone because it is not anyone’s business where I stay and who I stay with, it is my life and I am an adult,” a visibly angry Ms Arunga told reporters and revealed “I quit my job at KTN because I was not being paid well.”

Another reader who goes by the name Ray says “This is not news, it is all frustration.”

And Dan wrote: “Esther doesn\’t know what she is saying. It\’s that spirit or whoever Hellon tells him what to tell Esther is talking.”

“If Hellon is truly a pastor who praises the only one true God, in the whole press conference, there is not a single moment that he ever mentioned the name of God. Esther was full of threats, law and daring, as a Christian, or a woman or a man of God, we could have expected some degree of humbleness, like Jesus did, he forgave those who crucified Him, but these two I don\’t know which bible they use, and in the press conference we didn\’t see the presence of God. A finger of God, I never heard of it before. What finger, what is the symbol of that church?”


Kelkam said “I think Esther Arunga is finally losing it she was an inspiration to many but now she’s turned out to be a disappointment.”

And there are those who have taken issue with Hellon’s declaration that he will be running for the Presidency in 2012 with Ms Arunga as his running mate.

“The press conference was laughable if not unfortunate. Rapping it up with a political declaration in itself falls short of wisdom,” Rogers Meroka said.

“The only reason that she draws so much public attention stems from her acceptance to be of public figure-she has received many awards like the CHAT awards meaning that the society had great confidence in her as a role model,” he adds in his comment on the Capital News website and posed: “Why does she cry foul when the media opens up her dark side.”

Ager said: “Who is Joseph Hellon? I think Esther is still young to live such life Hellon and his followers are out to mess Kenyan image. Please Esther I only pray that God restore you back to your senses.”

There are those like Kimathi who said “No comment.”

Stephen Shioso on his part posed: “So does the leader Joseph Hellon welcome anybody who has a problem to stay with them in his house or u have to be a public figure to stay with him in his house once you have a problem?”


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