Uhuru response to Raila Muranga visit

February 5, 2010 12:00 am


NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 5 – There has been mounting media speculation concerning a supposed visit of the Prime Minister to Muranga, particularly insinuating that the Deputy Prime Minister has objected to this visit in some way or form.

We would like to state categorically that the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance is a strong believer that it is a fundamental right of all Kenyans to travel to any part of Kenya at any time for any legitimate reason. Any Kenyan should be free to move, settle, own land and property in any part of the country without any impediment whatsoever, and no one can purport to refuse a Kenyan this right at any time. The right to move, settle, own land and property and work in any part of the country is an inalienable right of every citizen not only enshrined in the current constitution, but even catered for in the proposed draft constitution.

It is the Deputy Prime Minister’s wish and desire that this freedom be extended to include the entire East African Region once the Treaty comes into effect and eventually extend to greater parts of Africa.

With this in mind there can be no objection to leaders travelling to any part of the republic, especially if they are doing so to assist in the development of the country. The Deputy Prime Minister has travelled to virtually every part of the country and will continue to do so and there can be no objection, therefore, to anyone travelling to any part of the country.

It is instructive to note that when the Deputy Prime Minister was a presidential candidate in 2002, he received more votes from outside Central Province than he received from Central Province. As such, his view of Kenya has always been one united and indivisible country.

We should all shun the politics of exclusion and division that categories areas for certain people to the exclusion of others as this has been the recipe for violence in the past and, if not check, will be the recipe for violence in the future. We should devote our energies to development and nation building as the problems the bedevil the country affect us all irregardless of our ethnic differences.

It should not be said at any forum, in any way or form, that the Deputy Prime Minister has objected to the Prime Minister, or any other person for that matter, travelling to Muranga or any part of the Republic of Kenya.

 In conclusion, it is important to inform Kenyans that for the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, his priority is delivering the promises that the government has made to the people of Kenya. In particular, the Deputy Prime Minister is directing his energies towards realization of a new constitution that the country has long waited for and the implementation of the economic stimulus programme that will go a long way towards alleviating poverty and improving the welfare of our people.

Njee Muturi
Principal Liaison Officer
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister


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