Guru Nanak Hospital pleads for ambulances

February 10, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 10 – Guru Nanak Hospital said on Wednesday that it was experiencing an acute shortage of ambulances to solve the increased cases of accidents mainly on Thika Road and adjacent roads in Nairobi where numerous cases of road accidents occur daily.

Whenever there is a road accident or other emergency cases and tragedies on Thika highway and other adjacent areas, victims are usually taken to the hospital which is located along Murang’a Road.

The Hospital’s Chief Executive Officer Ravi Kaul said they never turn away any of the victims who are usually taken there by the police or good Samaritans.

“We usually attend to all accident cases, we never turn away any such patients, but then after offering first aid on cases which need specialised treatment those patients require to be transported to the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) or to other medical facilities of their choice,” Mr Kaul said in an interview on Wednesday.

In such cases, he said, the hospital usually contacts the Nairobi City Council and hospitals to provide ambulances.

“This is where the problem occurs because they usually want to be assured of who will meet the costs of the ambulances, we are then left with no alternative but use our own ambulance,” Mr Kaul explained.

He said the hospital has been incurring huge debts accruing from treating accident victims, most of who cannot meet the costs.

“Some of these bills run up to Sh300,000 and we write them off at the end of the month because no one will clear them,” he said.

“I was requesting if we can get some assistance from the government or from the NGOs,” he pleaded.

“We are ready to help the wananchi but somebody has to give us a hand in helping those people, most of them are usually in a critical condition when they come here, you cannot even ask any money from them.”

The hospital’s Matron Surinder Bamra said they have been receiving an increased number of accident victims lately due to an upsurge in road accidents.

“This occurs both during the day and night, but some of them are usually in a very critical condition and require to be transported to other hospitals and we require support because our ambulances are not enough to do the work,” she said.

On average, at least three accidents are reported on Thika road and other adjacent areas of Parklands, Pangani and Ngara on a daily basis, according to police.


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