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Njue preaches peace in the New Year

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 1 – Nairobi Catholic Archbishop Cardinal John Njue has appealed to Kenyans to approach the new year with a commitment to promote peace.

Speaking during New Year mass at the Holy Family Basilica, Nairobi, Cardinal Njue urged Kenyans to keep away from issues that can divide Kenyans and focus on uniting the country.

"Do not waste your time asking where people come from, don\’t also waste your time in hatred, destruction and confrontation, begin the New Year with peace and do not be associated with destruction of anyone or anything," he said.

The Cardinal also urged politicians to shun tribalism and serve the country diligently.

"For goodness sake, politicians must be instruments of unity, show directions of unity and build the nation, our dear MPs, Ministers we are asking you let there be harmony, can\’t our people be brought together? The ball is on your side," he said.

Cardinal Njue said it was important for every individual to be responsible in ensuring lasting peace in Kenya.

"This is everybody\’s responsibility, everyone has a duty to ensure there is peace, it starts from the individual to our families to the nation," he said.

He asked Kenyans not only to learn from the events of last year and correct wrongs but to also celebrate and appreciate successes.

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Cardinal Njue also reminded Kenyans of their duty to safeguard the environment as it was the basis for peace and good health.

In his summon, he also gave a special message to women; "Maintain your dignity, face your challenges and have determination, be the woman you should be."

The mass was attended by hundreds of catholic faithful.

Meanwhile, many Kenyans are of the opinion that a new constitution should be top on the government\’s agenda this year.

Some however feel that the issue of security should be given priority.

"The first thing they should do is to ensure that we have a new constitution. This will enable us to know how to proceed in the country\’s development," said John Wetimo, a newspaper vendor in Nairobi.

"We expect several changes to take place because last year we had so many problems but towards the end of the year there was a bit of progress," Kevin Wanjala who works as a guard in the city said.

"Politicians should make an effort to be straight with everyone and stop misleading Kenyans."


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