Nigeria court rules on president

January 22, 2010 12:00 am

, ABUJA, Jan 22 – The High court in Nigeria on Friday gave the cabinet 14 days to decide if ailing President Umaru Yar\’Adua was fit to stay in office.

Judge Dan Abutu directed the cabinet to resolve whether the president, in hospital in Saudi Arabia since November 23, "is incapable of discharging the function of his office."

The ruling came after former lawmaker Farouk Adamu Aliyu petitioned the court to have the vice president sworn-in to act for Yar\’Adua until the president is able to return.

The Yar\’Adua-appointed cabinet has resisted opposition demands that it take action over the president\’s absence, insisting that Yar\’Adua is in full possession of his faculties.

He has been receiving treatment for an acute heart condition in a Jeddah hospital.

"We will abide by the judgement of the court," Justice Minister Michael Aondoaaka told reporters after the ruling.

"The executive council of the federation will within 14 days as directed by the court, consider and pass a resolution on the state of the president\’s health," he said.

Under the constitution, the cabinet can discharge the president with a two-thirds majority vote.


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