Kenyans march in protest over crime

January 31, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 31 – The friends and family of a pilot who was brutally murdered by thugs near the Bunyala roundabout on Sunday held a prayer procession to create awareness on the notorious crime spot.

Captain James Njuma father to the late Martin Gitehi Njuma said the family plans to light up the spot where his son was killed and eventually put up a police post.

“The police say there is nothing wrong with us doing that (putting up the post). We have a 40 foot container which we intend to use as the police post. They also told us they will give us policemen to man the area,” he told Capital News, ahead of the procession dubbed ‘MARTINS BLOOD WAS NOT SHED IN VAIN’.

Martin, a former first officer with Kenya Airways, was brutally attacked on January 16 when his car stalled after developing a mechanical problem. He died shortly after despite doctors’ efforts to save him.

The procession was held to bring attention to the necessary authorities on the insecurity in the area and urge them to flush out and prosecute the thugs in order to stop such reckless killings.

Mr Njuma appealed to the members of the public to be alert and to demand that action be taken to ensure safety on all highways in the country.

The pilot’s sister Wandia Njuma also called on relatives, friends or anyone who has fallen victim to highways robberies to report the incidents to the police to facilitate investigations on the same.

“We wish to make a special appeal to all those who have either lost or have their loved ones injured on Uhuru Highway to come forward and kindly report to the nearest convenient police station in order that the police may follow up and indeed finally take the necessary action,” she said.

A wreath of flowers was laid on the spot where the pilot was found, which is also near where the family put up a billboard warning the public to beware of that area.


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