Joke turns on Slovak police

January 20, 2010 12:00 am

, BRATISLAVA, Jan 20 – Stickers mocking Slovak police who planted explosives in a passenger\’s luggage but forgot to remove them before his plane took off have sparked laughter in Slovakia.

The mass circulation daily SME on Tuesday published two stickers reading "Danger! Luggage checked by Slovak police" and "Please don\’t plant any explosives."

The newspaper urged travellers to place the stickers on their luggage before checking in for flights.

On January 2, Slovak police placed explosives in the luggage of a Slovak electrician travelling to Dublin in an attempt to test airport security.

But they were left in place unintentionally and the policeman responsible failed to tell his superiors, Dublin airport or Irish police until three days later.

An Irish anti-terrorist squad and army bomb disposal experts later raided the Dublin flat of the unwitting smuggler.

The incident sparked outrage among Slovaks and also inspired jokes here that travellers from Slovakia should not be held responsible for whatever the airport police may find in their luggage.

"How many Slovak police officers does it take to carry out a terror attack? Two — one who plants a bomb and one who doesn\’t find it," goes another popular joke.

Slovak Interior Minister Robert Kalinak eventually apologised to his Irish counterpart and dismissed the senior border police officer responsible for the blunder.


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