Elephant kills US tourist, child in Kenya

January 6, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Jan 6 – An American tourist and her one-year-old daughter have been trampled to death by an elephant in Kenya, while others with them during a walk through a forest managed to escape, police said Wednesday.

"The woman was with the rest of her family walking in a forest near the hotel where they were staying when an elephant attacked them. The woman and her daughter died on the spot but the others escaped unhurt because they were able to run for their safety," a senior police officer said.

The accident happened in Mount Kenya Forest, located in the country\’s centre.

Police said the woman was aged 39, but gave no details about where she was from.

Among those who escaped is the deceased woman\’s husband and three other people who were with her at the time, they said.

The bodies of the deceased have been transferred to Nairobi.


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