Washington to host green summit

December 14, 2009 12:00 am

, COPENHAGEN, Dec 14 – Washington next year will host a global forum between developed and developing countries on clean energy and climate change, US Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced on Monday.

The ministerial-level meeting will be the first held in Washington by the Major Economies Forum (MEF), a working group of the world\’s biggest greenhouse-gas emitters, launched by President Barack Obama in March 2009.

The group aims to foster international discussion on combating climate change and promoting clean energy said Chu, who is to address attendees at climate talks here on Monday.

Meanwhile, MEF countries announced a plan deploy clean technology in the developing world, including efforts to lower the costs of solar energy and introduce international standards and incentives for high-efficiency appliances.

MEF countries has issued a high-priority technologies and "best practices" policies, including efforts on bioenergy, solar power, advanced vehicles and wind energy.

Countries taking part in the effort include the United States, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Australia, Britain, India, Japan, France, South Korea, Denmark, Germany and Spain.


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