Plane off to collect Zelaya

December 10, 2009 12:00 am

, TEGUCIGALPA, Dec 10 – A Mexican plane was en route to Honduras to collect ousted president Manuel Zelaya, the head of the Honduran aviation authority said, indicating a possible breakthrough in the country\’s political deadlock.

"A plane is coming from Mexico to take him, it is on its way," agency head Colonel Jose Alfredo San Martin said, referring to Zelaya.

The Honduran leader was overthrown and exiled in a military backed coup in June, plunging the country into political chaos.

The crisis deepened in September when Zelaya clandestinely returned to the country, holing up at the Brazilian embassy.

Mexican authorities on Wednesday confirmed that talks were taking place to grant him asylum, although an official cautioned that a deal had not yet been done.

"That a plane arrives in Tegucigalpa does not mean that (Zelaya) is going to leave," said a Mexican official.

Zelaya also appeared to pour cold water on hopes of a quick end to the six-month-old crisis as the de facto regime had yet to grant him safe passage.

"We still don\’t have the specific part, the legal part, the security part… I am waiting to see if the de facto regime will confirm this," Zelaya told Honduran television.


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