MP accuses govt of Narok arms cover up

December 21, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 21- Narok South Member of Parliament Nkoidila ole Lankas is accusing the government of withholding information on the cache of ammunition that was found in Narok a fortnight ago.

Mr Lankas said the government had remained silent over the issue despite calls by Parliamentarians to have the matter investigated.

He said the silence was creating unnecessary tension among people.

“The issue of the firearms and ammunition that were arrested in Narok was brought to Parliament and the government promised us that they are going to inform the public of the progress of the investigations but since then nothing seems to be coming out. People are still anxious to know what happened. Where was the source of these things and where were they destined? By now the government should have these facts,” he said. 

He further said that the only way the government would reduce the anxiety was by disclosing all information regarding the arms.

“The public is speculating a lot and to bring that to a stop we need to be told the truth especially in Narok where these things were found. You know when people speculate anything can happen. We are therefore asking the government to come out and inform the people of their findings. That way people will relax,” he said.

The Narok South MP also expressed support for Prime Minister Raila Odinga in his bid to conserve Mau Forest and bashed leaders who had been faulting the Premier’s efforts. He accused the leaders of politicising the Mau evictions and causing divisions within ODM.

Mr Lankas stated that ODM would not split as a result of the wrangles and sharp divisions that had been caused by the Mau issue.

“ODM is very strong according to me; very strong. In fact I think it is much stronger now than it was before. Kenyans are clever people and if the reason to fight the Prime Minister is because of his efforts to try to conserve the environment; an issue that is internationally recognised that we must do, definitely I am with him and I don’t support those who are trying to fight him using the forest,” he said.

He further added that the leaders’ efforts to cast the Premier in negative light in order to start garnering support for themselves come the next election would not succeed.

“If all Kenyans are with him even other parties must come and support him. I am seeing a shift of alliances even from other parties to come and support the Prime Minister. Kenyans know that those leaders are not fighting the Prime Minister because of his efforts to conserve the forest. There are other underlying reasons,” he stated.


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