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Kenya backs African bid for UN Security Council seat

TRIPOLI, Dec 12 – Kenya has added its voice to have the UN General Assembly reformed to accommodate third world countries in key decision making.

Meeting under the banner of the Committee of Ten, Kenya reiterated Africa’s quest to get two permanent seats in the UN General Assembly as part of the wider AU team that is pushing for reforms in the United Nations General Assembly.

The meeting which brought together ten Heads of State sitting on the AU Committee of Ten held in Tripoli, Libya was hosted and chaired by the Chairman of the African Union, Muammar Gaddafi. It agreed to petition the UN to increase African representation in the body.

Kenya represented by Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka drummed up for the support of the communiqué, which will be presented to the AU in its next sitting. He said time was ripe for reforming the body to incorporate the wider repression and views of the changing world.

“The Security Council needs reforms to meet the challenges of modern times especially issues of terrorism and climate change,” said Mr Musyoka.

He also expressed appreciation to developments witnessed in relations between Libya and Kenya saying Kenya had resolved to promote the marches of the African Union.

“In the final report we must make it clear that each African nation, big or small, should enjoy a permanent or non permanent seat, which could be granted to Africa in case the UN is reformed. With or without Veto, it should alternate between the African nations,” he added.

Mr Gaddafi emphasized that the AU, even without the reform of the UN, should be given a veto-wielding permanent seat in the Security Council, as a benefit from the past, just as China.

The Tripoli meeting brought together President of Sierra Leone Ernest Koroma, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Lesotho Belhuel Pakatiltha Mosisili, members of the bureau, and the AU Commissioner for Political Affairs.

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The bureau followed up the implementation of decisions of the previous sessions of the African Union, and the ongoing preparations and arrangements for the forthcoming 14th session in Addis Ababa.

At the end of the meeting of the committee, President Koroma announced the approval of the communiqué, which is to be presented in the forthcoming round of the AU conference.

"Based on the leaders’ proposal of granting Africa a permanent seat in the Security Council, to end the historic injustice against the continent in the past, Africa should be given this right now, at a time when talks are continuing with the UN," he said.

President Koroma emphasized aspirations to advance the march of the African unity, so Africa could excel.

Mr Gaddafi said a number of countries which he held talks with regarding this matter emphasized the rationality of this special presentation with regards to Africa getting a permanent seat before the reform of the UN.

“But we need to exercise caution here, two permanent seats without veto is insignificant, as Africa currently holds two non veto seats. We the small people began to raise our voices calling for change in this situation (that followed WWII) after it was proved that the UN was made for the powerful, who triumphed in the war and exploited this instrument against the small peoples,” said the Libyan leader.

President Koroma, Chairman of the Committee, hailed the presence of the AU leader adding that his presence rose from his accustomed keenness to advance the African position, to reform the United Nations, especially his continual emphasis on Africa\\\’s right to be granted a permanent seat in the Security Council, among other reforms in the UN.

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