Mombasa Retreat Communique

November 14, 2009 12:00 am


12th to 14th  NOVEMBER 2009


Realizing the importance of unity and cohesion in the Grand Coalition Government;

Mindful of the need to improve the performance of the Grand Coalition Government politically, economically and socially;

Aware of the need to enhance the national, regional and international image of the Government of Kenya to ensure the attainment of the targets of Vision 2030;

Cognisant of the complexities of managing a Grand Coalition Government and recalling the oath that Ministers and Assistance Ministers have taken during their swearing into the Government;

Cognisant of the imperative of upholding the Constitution of Kenya and in observance of the Code of Conduct of Ministers and Assistant Ministers;

Appreciative of the lessons learnt and the achievements of the Grand Coalition Government in the last 18 months;

Cognisant of the need for a sense of priority, and urgency in implementing Government programmes; and

In the spirit of One Government One Voice, the Retreat has resolved as follows:

1.           Cabinet Ministers and Assistant Ministers shall abide by the principles of collective responsibility.

2.           Cabinet Ministers will abide by the oath of secrecy and keep Government secrets.

3.           Cabinet Ministers and Assistant Ministers will personally and collectively expedite and facilitate the reform programme of the Government, including the new constitution; the boundary review; the national healing and reconciliation process; and the Agenda Four.

4.           Cabinet Ministers and Assistant Ministers have agreed on the need for the Government to take a common position on the new constitution, and to expedite delivery of a constitution that is functional, workable and simple to understand by the Kenyan people.

5.           Cabinet Ministers and Assistant Ministers will facilitate and expedite the implementation of the Grand Coalition Government Medium Term Plan and Vision 2030 on the basis of annual service delivery targets and results.

6.           As members of one Government, Cabinet Ministers and Assistant Ministers will support policies and Government Bills in public and in Parliament. 

7.           Cabinet Ministers and Assistant Ministers will trust and respect each other, and any differences will be resolved through internal mechanisms.

8.           Cabinet Ministers and Assistant Ministers will abide by the code of conduct of Ministers and Assistant Ministers.

9.           Cabinet Ministers and Assistant Ministers will foster unity and cohesion within Government by refraining from making adverse public utterances against fellow Cabinet Ministers and Assistant Ministers, and those which could cast a bad image of the Government.

10.        Cabinet Ministers and Assistant Ministers will individually and collectively lead in upholding and promoting National Interests and positive image of the Country.

11.        The Government will develop a comprehensive Government Communications Strategy that will include Cabinet, Ministerial and overall Government Communication. 

12.        Cabinet Ministers and Assistant Ministers will hold regular meetings similar to this retreat at least twice a year.

13.        Ministries will establish Ministerial Management Committees comprising Cabinet Minister, Assistant Ministers, Permanent Secretary, and Heads of Departments in each Ministry. The committee will meet at least once a month to deliberate on policies, programmes and activities of the Ministry.

14.        Assistant Ministers will be allocated specific functions in their Ministries in addition to their parliamentary responsibilities.

The retreat makes the following proposals for further analysis and consideration by the two principals:

1.           Formation of Conflict Resolution Mechanisms within the Grand Coalition Government.

2.           Holding of regular meetings of the Grand Coalition Parliamentary Group.

3.           Hold regular Grand Coalition Management Committee meetings.

4.           Development of a Grand Coalition Management Plan by the Grand Coalition Management Committee.


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