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LRA leader surrenders

KAMPALA, Nov 5 – Senior Lord’s Resistance Army Commander Charles Arop, who was implicated in leading a massacre on Christmas Day that killed at least 143 Congolese, has surrendered to the Ugandan military, the army spokesman told AFP Thursday.

"He was only left with one fighter so what choice did he have?" Lieutenant-Colonel Felix Kulayigye said, adding that Arop surrendered on Tuesday to Ugandan forces stationed in the northeast of the Democractic Republic of Congo.

Kulayigye said that Arop recently had more than 100 fighters under his command, but thanks to Uganda’s ongoing operation against the LRA his force was decimated.

Ugandan Special Forces are currently hunting LRA remnants in DR Congo, the Central African Republic and south Sudan.

In a report released in February, Human Rights Watch, quoting Ugandan military sources, said that Arop commanded the group of 200 LRA fighters that attacked Faradje in DR Congo on December 25, 2008, killing at least 143 people using sticks and machetes, and abducting 160 children.

Since an attack on their bases in DR Congo on December 14, the LRA are believed to have dispersed into many small units.

Recent, unconfirmed reports suggest some remnants of the militia are operating in Sudan’s south Darfur region.

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