Kibaki says reform agenda on track

November 14, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 14 – President Mwai Kibaki has reaffirmed Government’s commitment to undertake all necessary reforms in the country and in particular the delivery of a new constitution.

The President noted that the reform agenda was firmly on course as well as the implementation of the country’s development programs outlined under Vision twenty thirty.

The President, however, challenged national leaders in the country to single-mindedly resolve to overcome the critical challenges facing the Coalition Government and build a prosperous nation.

President Kibaki also affirmed that together with Prime Minister Raila Odinga they had committed to sustain unity and foster a common sense of destiny among national leaders.

The President who made the remarks during the official closing of the three-day National Leadership Retreat for ministers and their assistants at the Serena Beach Hotel in Mombasa on Saturday noted that the concept of a Coalition Government is a new phenomenon in the African politics and that Kenya had no peers to learn from.

Noting that the retreat had vital knowledge and practical experiences to impart on the participating ministers, especially from invited international facilitators, President Kibaki urged the leaders to translate such knowledge into actual results.
President Kibaki observed: “Our discussions have greatly benefited from the knowledge, lessons and practices drawn from various parts of the World on forging trust, commitment and confidence in political dispensations similar to ours.  The challenge on us is how to translate such knowledge into tangible action."

The Head of State urged the ministers to seize the opportunity to forge a united and visionary government driven by a common vision and purpose and not to allow individual interests to weaken national unity.

The President noted: “By doing so, the public and indeed the world shall not only see us as one Government but also as a Government whose commitment is supported by both words and deeds.”

He reiterated that the Government was committed to providing efficient services to Kenyans in order to guarantee prosperity of the nation and as an assurance of the Coalition’s determination to eradicate unemployment, insecurity, poverty and food shortage.

“To succeed we must forge unity of purpose within the government and the Kenyan people. We leave Mombasa committed to implementing reforms in the working of the Coalition Government to make it more efficient and responsive to the needs of members of the public,” observed President Kibaki.

The Head of State further assured that the Government would explore every mechanism of managing specific areas of challenge by practicing extensive and transparent consultations.

The President lauded the forum because it had offered leaders an environment for bonding and emerging stronger after the sessions but called on them to nurture and sustain the established unity for the good of the nation. 

During the occasion, the Head of State also challenged each of the ministers to observe the resolutions agreed upon during the momentous retreat.

He said: “During the retreat, our leaders were able to interact freely and consider matters of national importance in an atmosphere of trust, confidence and brotherhood. We have together been able to formulate a common stand on issues of national importance.” 


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