Kenya VP urges sobriety in draft law debate

November 19, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 19 – Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka has appealed to all Kenyans to thoroughly read the harmonised draft constitution and make informed recommendations to the Committee of Experts (CoE).

The document, Mr Musyoka said, will impact on the lives all Kenyans and was therefore incumbent upon each one to understand it before he or she gave out their views to the CoE within the stipulated 30 days time.

He said the draft has made several proposals which called for thorough scrutiny from every Kenyan, adding that this time the country could not afford to go wrong on the issue.

“Let each Kenyan personally read the proposals, digest them and give his or her opinion on them, and avoid repeating the mistakes of the referendum period, where some people refused to read the draft and instead, blindly followed the interpretation of certain leaders,” Mr Musyoka said.

At the same time Mr Musyoka called on religious leaders to pray for the country as it embarks on this new phase in the long-drawn search for a new law.

The Vice President was addressing a public baraza at Katse town in his Mwingi North Constituency, after he inspected the new Katse district headquarters and the Katse bridge which was swept by floods recently.

Mr Musyoka who was accompanied by the Katse DC Tobiko Nayioma, several officials from the roads ministry and local leaders assured the residents that reconstruction works on the damaged bridge which links Katse with Tharaka area would soon commence.

He however asked the Ministry of Roads to consider constructing a permanent bridge at the spot, instead of returning the old structure.

The VP once again defended the government’s decision to create new districts, saying that besides creating jobs for the youth, the move would curb rural-urban migration and bring services closer to the people.

He assured the new district that the government will post the necessary personnel and provide transport for them.

H e urged the residents to take advantage of the on-going rains to plant food crops, particularly traditional and drought resistant ones.

The VP said while the government will continue to provide seeds, those who have should also share with the less fortunate so that no one fails to plant during the season.

He advised area residents to desist from encroaching on the Mumoni forest and cultivating along the river banks saying the habit had greatly contributed to the degradation of the environment.


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