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Somali rebels accuse Kenya

NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 11 – The hard-line Islamist Al Shabab group has accused Kenya of fomenting fresh trouble in Somalia by training pro-government militants to fight the insurgents.

Sheikh Ali Mohamoud Rage, spokesman for the Al Qaeda-inspired group, told reporters in Mogadishu that Kenya was training Somali militia on its soil in order to reinforce pro-government militants the Al Shabab and its allies are fighting in the southern Somali port of Kismayo.

"We know Kenya is training and arming Somali militants in order to reinforce the enemies who are currently fighting us in the country, but we are warning Kenya in the strongest terms to avoid involving itself in such a deceit otherwise it will bear responsibility for the consequences," warned Rage.

He said Kenya had opened three training camps for militants close to the border.

"The aim of training them is to reinforce the enemies that are fighting us around Kismayo. By the grace of God they have already failed and will be failing forever," he said.


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