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Nkenna wants to throw BBA towel

JOHANNESBURG, Oct 8 – Nkenna surprised the housemates when she told them that she wants to leave the house, claiming she is sad, homesick and tired of the scheming and the game.

Itai tried to convince her that it’s part of the game and that she needs to be strong. He, of course, has a vested interest in keeping her in the house as he fears that if she leaves, he may have to follow as her Comrade in Arms.  Kristal advised her to think about her decision carefully, Quinn dismissed her as an attention-seeker and Mzamo reminded her that one of the hairdressers told her to be more visible in the house.

Nkenna entered the diary room anyway and rang the bell, signaling her intention to leave, but Big Brother didn’t respond. Will Biggie let her leave?

Yacob and Leonel had an argument and insults were traded as Yacob told him he truthfully doesn’t like him. Leonel surprised the rest of the house when he belied his apparently timid nature and stood up to Yacob.

After their morning exercises, the housemates started their daily chores – but Quinn ruffled some feathers when he refused to make his fellow housemates’ beds. He told Kevin and Elizabeth that making other people’s beds is like flushing the toilet for them. Instead, he joined Itai in cleaning the mirrors – before Yacob walked in and offered to make the beds. How subtle intra-house politics can be!

Tuesday was task day on BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION and this week, the housemates will focus on their soccer skills.  One of the major features of any soccer game is “theatrics”.

Convincing the referee that he should award a penalty in your favour may be the greatest asset any soccer player can bring to a team. For the next 3 days, whenever Big Brother blows the whistle, all housemates must immediately drop to the ground as if mortally injured and appeal in the most dramatic way for a penalty until Big Brother sounds another signal. They also each have to perfect a "signature trick” with a soccer ball, before unveiling it to Big Brother on Thursday.

The housemates’ creative skills were tested as they had to redesign and build a Revolution World Cup and compose an anthem, before being tasked with playing Blindfolded Football. They split into teams of four – two pairs per team and spent the afternoon discovering how difficult it is to play soccer without being able to see the ball!

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In his diary session, Yacob told Big Brother that he trusts Itai. Little does Yacob know that Itai did not replace him and Hannington but opted to save his fellow Zimbabwean, Kristal who is paired with Quinn.

Big Brother asked Liz why she voted for Hannington, since she seems very close to him. She said that she told Hannington she nominated him and there are no hard feelings between them. She also told Yacob, when he asked, who she had nominated, shocking him with the ladies’ plan to put Kristal up for eviction in the hope that Itai would save her and Quinn.

Yacob later went to Itai to tell him what happened in the diary room. Itai wants to know who he said is part of his Alliance. Yacob reiterates that he trusts that Itai saved him and Hannington, with Itai just laughing in response.

Itai is on the campaign trail as he realizes that not everyone is sticking to their promises. He spent time with both Kristal and Geraldine to hear their thoughts about his position and came away concerned for his safety in the game.


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