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Trouble in Big Brother s Kingdom

JOHANNESBURG, Sept 24 – Day 16 of M-Net’s BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION saw alliances wobble, new rifts open, romance bloom and tensions rise – with a bit of dance thrown in!

After the morning’s exercise routine, Liz pulled Nkenna aside to find out where she stands in the house. When Nkenna had no answer, Liz told her that she was concerned that some of the women have forgotten their "Woman Power Pact" and are falling for the men.

Liz tells Nkenna: "We have to take them out, one by one – otherwise we won’t survive."

During a whispered strategy session, Kevin told Paloma that with her help, they could "take out" the ‘Smokers’. Paloma voiced her concerns about the divisions growing between the ladies.

She reckons that the Twins and the rest of the Smokers believe that she is masterminding their nomination, which has put her under threat. Kevin still thinks that the Smokers believe that Erastus and Edward’s nominations were part of Big Brother’s trickery and not the work of an alliance.

Kevin tried to convince Paloma that his alliance, consisting of Itai, Quinn, Jeremy, Leonel and Kaone, is the way to go. Paloma told him that she is weary of the three musketeers: Liz, Jennifer and Kristal, and that she is still testing the waters with them.

On Tuesday Task Day, BB asked his house guests to recreate Michael Jackson’s epic "Thriller" music video as this week’s task, in honour of the memory of the King of Pop.

Kristal and Paloma talked about their Girl Power alliance and how some of the female Housemates seem to be distracted by the men. Kristal suspects that Emma has switched her allegiance and that some of the women have informed the Smokers about the pact to nominate the twins. Kristal declared her love for her man back home – bust said she still wouldn’t be afraid of using the men in the house to her advantage.

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During the diary sessions, Phil told Big Brother that he might be caught in a love triangle with Rene and Elizabeth. He said he really likes Elizabeth and that they started off on a "very cool note". Now he is worried that he might have sent out the wrong signal to Rene (when they spent the night in bed together “but didn’t do anything”) and, in turn, jeopardized his chances with Elizabeth.

During her diary session, Rene said that she had a suspicion that the other girls were plotting against her. Rene had finally plucked up the courage to ask Kristal why she hadn’t spoken to her, and Kristal told her that it was because she had nominated her. Rene was shocked at this development and confided in Edward and Yacob – who gleefully took advantage of the growing rift between the ladies to convince her that she doesn’t need the girls and that she should align herself with them. Sigh… Oh the drama!


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