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Shock nominations in BBA house

JOHANNESBURG, Sept 29 – In a dramatic Nomination Show (Monday 28 September, 20:00 CAT), Big Brother announced that four housemates are up for eviction from M-Net’s BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION this week after a tense day of politicking and tears.

Edward (Namibia), Rene (Namibia), Paloma (Zambia) and Liz (South Africa) were told by Big Brother that they face eviction this coming Sunday.  Shock spread quickly as the housemates realized that their votes had yielded so many nomination candidates.  Elizabeth, the current Head of House, decided to replace Liz with Erastus, though, which means the twins are both up for eviction again – even though they will only find that out on Sunday night.

Liz nominated Rene because she doesn’t trust her and Edward because she feels that the twins are too strong.  Hannington nominated Paloma because he has “had enough of her bossy nature” and Liz, because he thinks she is rallying people to nominate him.

Hannington isn’t the only one that hasn’t taken kindly to Paloma’s behaviour, as Erastus also nominated her “because she isn’t fun” and he says she behaves like an aunt. He also nominated Liz – like Hannington –  but told Big Brother that his decision wasn’t based on an alliance. Elizabeth nominated Hannington after their blowout last week – in which she promised to nominate him – and Rene, because she feels that Rene hasn’t taken the time to get to know her.

Yacob, very much under the radar this week, nominated Paloma because “she is very aggressive and brings tension into the house”. He also nominated Liz for being “rude and snobbish”, and thinks that it would be a good move to take her out of the game now. Itai nominated Liz, who he feels he can’t mix with – and Paloma, who he feels is too concerned about the game.

Emma nominated Rene for betraying the female alliance and Edward as part of the Girl Power Alliance strategy. Jeremy, Leonel, Quinn and Kevin all nominated Rene and Edward -all as part of their strategy to weaken the Smokers’ Alliance, while Paloma nominated Itai and Rene.

When the dust had settled, the nominations looked like this: Rene (12), Edward (8), Liz (7), Paloma (7), Hannington (3), Itai (1).
Now it’s up to Africa to decide who stays in the house – and voting to keep your favourite BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION housemate in the game couldn’t be easier.
There are four ways to vote this season –

1.    Via the website at,
2.    By visiting the WAP site on your WAP-enabled phone or via MXIT.
3.    You can also vote by texting your favourite housemate/s name to the appropriate number for your country,

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To vote via text message, send the word VOTE followed by the name of YOUR FAVOURITE housemate, to the number for your country below. Text messages are charged per specified network tariffs in the various countries. VAS rates apply. Free minutes do not apply. You can vote 100 times by text per mobile number during each voting period.


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