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Kenyans welcome Ringera exit

NAIROBI, Kenya, Sept 30 – Justice Aaron Ringera’s resignation from the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission has been welcomed by many who have termed it long overdue.

Imenti Central MP Gitobu Imanyara said the resignation, together with that of Deputy Director Fatuma Sichale would now allow the anti graft body to steer from controversy.

“He took so long to resign, so he goes without honour whereas he could have gone as an honorable man. But the good thing is that he has resigned,” he said.

Mr Imanyara urged the KACC Advisory Board to advertise the position immediately and shortlist a number of names which they would then present to Parliament.

His Nithi counterpart Kareke Mbiuki told Capital News that the Meru Parliamentary Association had also written to Justice Ringera beseeching him to quit the controversial position.

“MPs passed a verdict that his re-appointment was not legal; he has really wasted a lot of Kenya’s time,” he said. The MP said the next appointment would be conducted transparently and competitively through the Advisory Board and Parliament.

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) meanwhile urged the KACC Advisory Board to move with speed and advertise the positions that Mr Ringera and Ms Sichale had left vacant.

LSK Vice Chairman Aggrey Mwamu said Mr Ringera should not make a return to the Judiciary.

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“He (should not) be taken back to the Judiciary because we have so many good judges who can serve from the High Court, there has been a policy of recycling old people, judiciary is a very sensitive area,” he said.

Reports suggested Justice Ringera was set to re-join the Judiciary as early as Thursday, but civil Society organizations have already intimated that they will vehemently oppose such a move.

Meanwhile the Kenyan public expressed mixed reactions following Justice Ringera’s decision to resign as the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission director.

Those interviewed by Capital News said, “Ringera’s need to resign increased immediately (Dr Smokin) Wanjala resigned (as an assistant director).  I think it was an exercise in futility on his part to hang on to a job he did not deserve. If anybody was asked it would mean a waste of time and public funds.” one member of the public said.

“It is okay he has gone but all the same we need someone in that office who we are confident with. We are the ones paying them so we need someone who is going to work for us,” another interviewee said.

“It’s terrific that he has gone because if people don’t want you to work for them you should not insist. There is no point. We showed discontent in his re-appointment but he still hang on,” observed another.

“It’s good that he has gone home. We are now waiting for change, (if we will ever get it). His time had already elapsed,” said another expressing content.

“He had no option but to resign especially after politicians and Kenyans as well showed no confidence in him. There was no need for him to fight for a position that he didn’t deserve,”

Asked what they thought about his resignation meant, others had this to say.

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“The reforms that will follow are what will make me happy. For now nothing has changed and I am not celebrating.”

Another posed: “Why should we get excited? Why should we think that the next person occupying that position will do a better job? We have a long way to go,”

“His resignation makes no difference to me. I still need to buy my unga (maize flour) at an exorbitant price. When they announce a reduction in food prices is when I will find reason to smile,” held a lady expressing disgust on her face.

(Contributed by Judie Kaberia, Anne Kiguta, Michael Karanja and Sarah Wambui)


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