Githae wrestling councils from Mudavadi

September 16, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Sept 16 – The Nairobi Metropolitan Ministry is seeking a separate budgetary allocation from the Treasury for the 15 local authorities within its jurisdiction.

During a consultative forum with Mayors and Chairmen of the respective Local Authorities, Minister Njeru Githae said the allocation would end duplication of projects between the Metropolitan and the Local Government Ministries.

“We want all development funds to be remitted to this Ministry so that we stop the overlap and conflict. We want to start preparing our budget for 2010 now,” he said.

He held that the local authorities within the metropolitan area were the basis for economic growth in the country.  Mr Githae further said that there were no rifts between his Ministry and that of the Local Government Ministry.

It has been alleged that the Ministry had assumed the work of the Local Government which oversees the running of the local authorities in the country.

Mr Githae said there were about 175 local authorities in the country which were already overburdening the Local Government Ministry especially those in Nairobi.

He noted that Nairobi was already facing many challenges and identified insecurity, waste management and traffic jams as heavy tasks that in the city.

The Minister said his Ministry’s intention and mandate was to upgrade the metropolis area to a world class centre of attraction and keep in line with international standards.

He further said the Local Authorities Act and the Metropolitan Bill expected to be discussed in Parliament gave the Local Government and Metropolitan Ministers equal but separate powers.

Mr Githae used the opportunity to order local authorities in Nairobi to start preparing for the El Nino rains expected next month.

“We are going to unclog our drains and streets such that we are ready for the El Nino,” he said.

Experts have warned the country that heavy rains are likely to be experienced in October.

Mr Githae also asked local authorities within the metropolitan area to number and name streets to help the Ministry to deliver its services through proper planning.

He urged the councilors and mayors to join the Ministry by engaging on a monthly clean up of their councils every third Saturday of the month in a bid to realise the city’s green glory.


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