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Capital launches Green Campaign

NAIROBI, Kenya, Sept 5 – Capital Group in partnership with Kenya Forest Service on Saturday planted 2,200 tree seedlings on a five-acre piece of land in Karura Forest to spearhead the Green Generation Campaign that hopes to plant 10 million trees by 2010.

Capital Group Chairman Chris Kirubi urged Kenyan youth to plant trees and conserve the environment in order to secure their future.

“This is not for the old generation but for the youth who should take charge and protect their country because it is their future at stake,” explained Mr Kirubi.

Capital FM’s senior presenters Eve De Souza and Chao Tolle shared Mr Kirubi’s views adding that the current water, food, and electricity crises were as a result of destruction of the environment.

“By planting trees and getting involved in the Green Generation Campaign, we address the root cause of famine and water scarcity,” observed Ms Tolle.

“I do not want my children to grow up in a country with no water, food and electricity; it’s not the future you envision for your children. This is not the Kenya we want and if we don’t do something now, it’s over,” held Ms Eve.

Ms Chao explained that human beings should not die of hunger as it lowers their dignity.

“I was on the Mercy Train (a food relief campaign organised by Capital FM and other organisations) in the beginning of the year, and I saw the pain that our fellow Kenyans had to suffer as a result of drought,”

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“No one should suffer such conditions; this is why we must conserve the environment and plant more trees,” she asserted.

Ms Eve called on Kenyans to stop further degradation of the environment saying that Kenya must embrace the environment before things get worse.

“Things are close to getting hopeless; but it’s not too late; we can turn things around and stop further harm to our environment,” stated she.

Mr Kirubi also asked Nairobi residents to plant trees at Karura Forest warning that failure to do that would worsen air pollution.

“We have a huge population in Nairobi which continues growing. If we do not have the trees that refresh our air, with the number of vehicles producing carbon monoxide in Nairobi, this city will be worse than Mexico,” he warned.

Mr Kirubi noted that it was not possible to plant more than the 2,200 seedlings due to lack of water.

“The seedlings must be watered for them to grow, and the lack of water ties our hands and prevents us from planting more trees.”

Ibrahim Nafula, from the World Agro-Forestry Center stated that planting of trees was not enough adding that it was equally important to nurture the seedlings.

He also added that tree planting was an initiative that every Kenyan should get involved in.

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“If every Kenyan planted two tree seedlings, we would have billions of trees in Kenya and our future would be secured.”


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