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11yr old scores Obama interview

WASHINGTON, Aug 17 – At just 11 years old, Damon Weaver has scored an interview that journalists all over the world would love to have – with President Barack Obama.

The child journalist, who has been trying for months to interview the US leader, declared Obama "a normal person," after gaining exclusive access to the president for a television station run by his school, Kathryn Cunningham Elementary in Florida.

Weaver had already interviewed figures from Vice President Joe Biden to basketball superstar Dwayne Wade, but he was determined to question the president, even attending Obama’s inauguration in the hopes of meeting with him.

"You look good in your suit man," Obama told Weaver as he met with his young interviewer. Footage of the ten-minute interview was posted on video-sharing website YouTube.

Asked about his job as president, Obama declared it "very exciting."

"It’s a lot of work. At times you get a little worn down, but everyday you have the possibility of helping people."

Weaver focused most of his questions on education, including the quality of teaching at US schools, bullying of students, and even school lunches.

Obama discussed his educational platform in detail, talking about "state funding" and "school resources," and telling Weaver that he plans to give a major speech on education on September 8, as children across the country head back to school after their summer recess.

"Were you ever bullied in school?" Weaver asked Obama.

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"You know, I wasn’t bullied too much in school, I was pretty big for my age," the president said.

Rounding out the interview, Obama thanked Weaver, who said to him: "Now that I interviewed you, would you like to become my homeboy?"


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