Clinton remembers Kenya terror attacks

August 6, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 6 – US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Thursday that Kenya and America should remember the 1998 US embassy terror attacks to renew their resolve against terrorism.

Speaking when she laid a wreath at the site where 213 people died eleven years ago, Mrs Clinton said the two countries should continue partnering to ensure such attacks are not repeated.

"This is an opportunity to renew our resolve and to ensure that we do all that we can so that these attacks don’t take more innocent lives in the future," she said.

She said the US was open to work with any countries willing to stop similar violence echoing remarks made by President Barack Obama when he promised to work with the Muslim community to fight terrorism.

"We also renew our commitment to peace and reconciliation to all who (renounce) the path of violence," Mrs Clinton said.

The top US diplomat also promised to continue working with victims of the US embassy bombing in1998.

She said: “They stand as a living symbol to remind us of what was lost.”

Special recognition went to 14-year-old Michael Macharia whose case Mrs Clinton promised to raise with President Obama once back in her country.

She said: “I have been told he is doing very well in school and I will tell Obama this.”

Macharia lost his parents in the 1998 attacks and he is now being raised by his grandparents.

Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetangula also re-affirmed Kenya’s commitment to fight terrorism. He said the government will not be cowed by the 1998 attacks in Nairobi and Kikambala, Mombasa in 2002.

Mr Wetangula further said Kenya will continue working with US to share intelligence and resources to fight terrorism to ensure such attacks never repeat themselves again.

The US Embassy in Kenya was bombed on August 7, 1998, leaving 213 people dead and many others injured.

But even as most bomblast victims continue asking for compensation, the US Embassy has clarified that: “The U.S Congress has not passed legislation to authorise special compensation for victims of the 1998 bombings, to date, no victim, no American, Kenyan or Tanzanian citizen has received any special compensation.”


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