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All set for Kenya national census

NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 22 – The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics on Saturday once again said all was set for Monday’s national wide census exercise.

Director General Anthony Kilele said the enumeration exercise would start at six o’clock in the evening in rural areas while in the urban centres it will begin half an hour later and go on until 10 pm. Mr Kilele said no enumerator will go to any household after 10pm.

“We shall continue with the exercise the next morning from 6am to 10Pm and continue this way for seven days,” he said but reiterated that one would be answering the questions based on where they were on the night of August 24.

Kenyans will be required to volunteer information about everyone who is expected to spend the night in their households including those who will be out at work but will be spending the night at the house. For houses where members are not available for a couple of days a call-back card will be left for them to indicate their convenient time. Mr Kilele said that is particularly important for single member households.

“That will enable us to send you enumerators at that particular time you have stated. If after seven days you have not been counted one is advised to report to the nearest provincial administration office,” he said.

Enumerators will not go to factories that work at night but their information will be captured at where they spend the nights.

President Mwai Kibaki will be first to be enumerated at State House Nairobi at 6pm. The Head of State was set to hold a live television address to set pace for the exercise.

On the controversial question of tribe those from mixed background will be required to declare their father’s tribe. Mr Kilele said that this was informed by the African culture where children take up the identity of their father.

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“The enumerator will be dealing with what he or she is told and will not start asking one to produce proof,” he assured.

The question on tribe has attracted criticism with some calling for its elimination. KNBS has however insisted that it needs the information on tribal distribution for planning. However no-one will be forced to state his tribe or religion.

“If you are lost in that thing then you can say the famous Kenyan or others,” Mr Kilele said.

Kenyans have also expressed concerns on their security given that the exercise will take place at night. The Bureau however assured that the enumerators will be clearly identifiable and will be accompanied by a village elder or a member of the resident associations in urban centres.

The Director of Population and Statistics Collins Opiyo said that the enumerators will be wearing a red T-Shirt while the supervisors will be donned in a blue T-shirt while the senior supervisors will be in a green T-shirt.

 The enumerators who will be going door to door to collect the data will have a bag branded with the Court of Arms, the Census Logo and the KNBS logo.

“All enumerators will be easily identified using a badge that each shall have,” Dr Opiyo said.

The Minister for Internal Security and Provincial Administration and the Police department are expected to spell out security measures for the week long exercise on Monday.

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