Trio gangs up against Nairobi mayor

July 6, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 6 – City Mayor Geoffrey Majiwa’s continued tenure at City Hall has received a jolt after three of his party colleagues ganged up to oust him.

Councilors George Aladwa, Tim Wanyonyi and William Kinyanyi who claim to have mobilised 32 out of the 52 Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) councilors into their camp fired their first warning shot by influencing the change of the election day to August 3 from the earlier agreed August 10 date.

The three now say they will support one of their own to challenge Mr Majiwa for the party ticket. They accuse the incumbent of poor leadership and causing divisions at the council.
“If he wins, we will support him but if we win he will be obligated to support us,” said Mr Aladwa in defiance of reported suggestions from ODM headquarters for the three to step down for Mr Majiwa.

The trio has picked Eastleigh North Ward councilor Hassan Robow as their camp’s chairman as campaigns for the key position intensify.

“We will be definitely carry the day,” asserted Mr Robow, who is also eyeing the Deputy Mayor’s seat.

Critics have warned that ODM risks losing the mayoral seat owing to the simmering divisions among the councilors. Already the party has lost Bungoma and Teso to the Party of National Unity.

A retreat to forge unity among the Nairobi civic leaders ended in disarray last month after they failed to agree.

“We councilors are elected by the public just like the Members of Parliament and we should be respected,” Mr Aladwa opined.

Monday’s change of the election date had been preceded by party meetings over the weekend after the councilors differed sharply over the date last week.

PNU is also reported to have four councilors eyeing the Mayoral seat among them Deputy Mayor John Njoroge and Githurai ward councilor Gerald Kinoti. Mr Kinoti said the party will also conduct internal nominations.

“So far we are talking one language and agreeing that whoever wins we support him against the ODM candidate,” he said.

During his tenure Mr Majiwa openly clashed with former Town Clerk John Gakuo over claims lodged by creditors who Mr Gakuo had claimed were ‘cooked’ by Mr Majiwa and his team.

If plans to amend the Local government Act succeed then this will be the last chance for councilors to elect the Mayor.  In future, mayors will be directly elected by the public.


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