Standoff after Kajiado council poll

July 3, 2009 12:00 am

, KAJIADO, Kenya, Jul 3 – Disgruntled Councillors opposed to the re-election of Olkejuado County Council Chairman Taraiya Kores have vowed to paralyse operations unless there is a fresh ballot.

The councillors vowed on Friday that they could not accept defeat lying down alleging that the poll was improperly carried out. Peter Sankale led the group in the threat and said that he and 29 fellow councillors would destabilise the council unless the Ministry of Local government intervened.

“Already we are 29 against 29 so it’s fifty-fifty and to be open there is nothing that will go on in that council,” said Mr Sankale.

Mr Sankale claims that his opponent used violence and bribery and forced the Town Clerk to conduct the elections even when no date had been agreed upon. The Mosiro ward councillor further alleged that the requisite two thirds participation of councillors was not observed.

“Most of the councillors were locked in exile in the neighbouring country and therefore there was no chance to campaign at all,” he alleged adding that they suspected that council money was used to bribe his opponent’s supporters.

Over Sh24 million has been reported missing from the council and the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission is said to be investigating the alleged scam.

Mr Sankale’s team boycotted the Wednesday elections. He claimed to have obtained a court injunction but Mr Kores and his group went ahead to conduct to the poll.

“We couldn’t have attended elections since we could have undermined the court and our integrity too,” Mr Sankale stated.

Temperatures are high in most civic authorities as elections fever takes over. Lobbying is on top gear as councillors continue to enjoy favours from the aspirants. On Thursday councillors in Nairobi fell short of exchanging blows over disagreement on the date for the Mayoral elections. The elections window closes in mid August.


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