Govt seeks census personnel

July 8, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, June 8 – The recruitment of 130,000 personnel to conduct this year’s census is set to be complete soon, officials said on Wednesday.

Kenya National Bureau of Statistics Director General Anthony Kilele said they were looking to recruit 115,000 enumerators, 22,000 supervisors and 6,000 senior supervisors.

Kenyans aged between 18 and 50 will be eligible to conduct the assignment that will be monitored by local and international observers to ensure it meets required standards.

“The whole process of planning began in 2006 with cartographic mapping which has given us an edge in this country, we are the only country with up to date digitalised maps to the lowest level and this is what is going to help us move a notch higher,” he said.

Among the data to be collected from individuals and households include Kenyans in the Diaspora and their remittance, educational level and disability status.

Speaking at the same time, Planning Minister Wycliffe Oparanya said all officials will be wearing distinctive uniforms and will have identification tags.

“All officials, senior supervisors even ministry officials, Kenya National Bureau of Statistics officials will have official T-shirts and official tags with a logo,” the minister said. 

The Census will employ new technology for better accuracy and faster processing of the data. These technologies include use of special software to automatically read the hand printed responses on the census form.

The 2009 Population and Housing Census that will be held on the night of August 24 will be the tenth in Kenya. The first one was held in 1948 under the colonial administration.

The Bureau has received a budgetary allocation to implement the survey which it expects to cost Sh7 billion. All activities are expected to be coordinated by the National Census Steering Committee.

Meanwhile, Mr Kilele said the lifestyle of pastoralists presented a challenge to the whole process since they would be mobile.

He further stated that sensitivity on certain questions will also pose a great challenge to the enumerators during the Census night.

The government has in the meantime assured that the provincial administration will be scrambled to provide security during the entire period, according to the Planning Minister. He added that legal institutions will also be put in place to ensure that the whole process takes place within the law.

He further explained effort has been made to ensure that all tribes are factored in during the Census further adding that there will be a slot to fill in the tribe and the education background of the participants.


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