Review: Kiunjuri trashes ODM stand

June 8, 2009 12:00 am

, LAIKIPIA, Kenya, Jun 8 – Water and Irrigation Assistant Minister Mwangi Kiunjuri has dismissed MPs calling for the parliamentary system of governance and termed their sentiment to be ‘mere politics’.

Mr Kiunjuri said on Sunday that the move was a political gimmick by Orange Democratic Movement to take over power from the Presidency, a move he said was aimed at overturning the government indirectly.

The Assistant Minister said that the parliamentary system could not work in the country as per the current political situation.

“ODM party is planning on take over the running of the country as they have the majority of representation in the House,” he accused.

The Laikipia East MP argued that it was impractical for the President to be only ceremonial, arguing that he had the majority of votes in the 2007 general elections.

"How can we have a ceremonial president and yet it is in public domain that majority of Kenyans voted for him?” he posed, adding: "The move is a political game that the ODM side of government is playing on Kenyans.”

Speaking at Wiyumiririe AIPCA church in his Laikipia East constituency, the lawmaker called for the equal representation in Parliament.

He said that a parliamentary system of government would only be practical if only the voters are represented equally in Parliament.

Mr Kiunjuri said that the proposed new constitution should entrench a law that requires constituencies to be divided according to the number of voters so as to enhance equal distribution of resources by the government.

"We want all residents to be represented equally in Parliament. That is only when the parliamentary system can work. We wouldn’t want an MP to represent few residents while others represent thousand of voters," he proposed.

Mr Kiunjuri at the same time urged politicians to refrain from issuing statements that would influence the Committee of Experts on the constitution review process.

He instead advised them to be patient so as to enable all stakeholders present their recommendations to the committee, when the right time comes.

Mr Kiunjuri also challenged religious leaders to play their role responsibly saying most of them were taking sides on national issues.

He said it was unfortunate that some religious leaders were partisan on political matters instead of guiding their flock on the right direction.

The MP noted that the events that followed the last national referendum on the new constitution and the post election violence would have been averted had the church and other religious organisations played a non-partisan role.


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