Nairobi mulls hourly parking charges

June 15, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 15 – The Nairobi City Council is set to re-introduce hourly parking charges for the Central Business District.

Town Clerk Philip Kisia said on Monday that this was in response to motorist requests, although he ruled out a reduction of the daily fees.

“Our parking costs in Nairobi are still some of the lowest in the world. Parking in Asia and Europe is probably five or six times what we are charging so we are still charging very low rates,” said Mr Kisia.

The Town Clerk said the new fees would be determined by land value and a comparison to other world cities.

“A Central Business District (CBD) is not meant for motor vehicles. It is meant for people but Nairobians have a habit of driving up to the doorsteps,” he said.

The Town Clerk also revealed plans by the council to build parking silos which he says will decongest the CBD.

“So we will soon be advertising for expressions of interest and inviting people to come up with proposals on putting up driving silos so that we can create more driveways and pedestrian walkways for the people of this city.”

At the same time, Mr Kisia urged city residents to support and comply with the new by-laws that were recently introduced to ensure order in the city.

The by-laws make it an offence for motorists to cross roads outside designated zebra crossings.

“When you are crossing at a Zebra crossing, you have a right before the vehicle,” he stated.

The Town Clerk stated that City Hall will be undertaking a sensitisation exercise to educate the pubic concerning the laws.

“Already we printed booklets and they are available at a cost of Sh100 but we are also revamping our website to make it more interactive and all these information will be posted in our website so people can access them,” he said.

“We also intend to have clinics to educate people about these by-laws.”


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