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Nairobi bids farewell to Nzimbi

NAIROBI, Kenya, June 7 – A farewell service for outgoing Anglican Church Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi was held on Sunday at the All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi with calls on the church leadership to remain focused.

Reverend Stanley Ntagali who delivered the sermon said church leaders were accountable to the people they served and to God, hence the need to be responsible.

He urged the church to emulate Archbishop Nzimbi whom he termed as a true servant of God.

“You preach the gospel with no compromise, your Grace you will always be remembered for that and you are one of the few leaders in the global south preaching the gospel to transform the Anglican Church,” Rev. Ntagali said.

“You led the house of Bishops here in Kenya and the clergy and Christians of the church of Kenya to stand in truth and to reject and condemn sin.”

Archbishop Nzimbi who will officially retire at the end of this month after 31 years of service to the church said he was not retiring as a minister and would continue to serve the church in his new capacity as a retired archbishop.

“The spirit of poverty is killing this nation. We are all looking for gold and silver and because of that the spirit of poverty is there and many people have become corrupt. This corruption is killing this nation. This nation should rise above corruption,” he said.

Archbishop elect Eliud Wabukula will be enthroned the fifth Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya on 5 July.

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Reverend Wabukala was elected the new Anglican Church head in April this year in a hotly contested election in Nairobi.

He was elected by a 158 member Electoral College at the All Saints Cathedral beating three other bishops namely; Rt. Rev. Stephen Kewasis, Rt. Rev. Samson Mwaluda and Rt. Rev. Joseph Wasonga.

Archbishop Nzimbi, was elected primate in 2002 after rising through the ranks in his 31 years of service at the second largest church in Kenya.

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