Ministry moves to decongest Nairobi

June 24, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 24 – The Ministry of Roads is building more streets and by-passes in a bid to decongest the capital.

Roads Permanent Secretary (PS) Michael Kamau said the move is aimed at making transport in the city bearable for Nairobi residents.

 “If you now go to the end of Gitanga Road and Riara Road, we have opened that bridge. If you go to Runda Whispers we have opened that road,” the PS said.

“In the broader sense, we are building the Eastern By-pass and already we have submitted a Cabinet Memorandum for the Nairobi Concession.”

Mr Kamau however emphasised the need to improve the public transport system to complement these efforts.

“We cannot ferry our people in matatus which carry fourteen people. We need trains. We need an organised transport system,” he explained adding that such work ought to be in conjunction with the ministries of Transport and Nairobi Metropolitan Development.

“So as we build the infrastructure, we also need to have another framework that makes sure we have a mass public transport system,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, the formation of an Engineer’s Registration Board (ERB) seeking to regulate the activities and conduct of engineers and engineering consulting firms is being discussed under the draft Engineer’s Registration Bill.

Roads Minister Franklin Bett said that engineers will be registered under the board reducing the number of quacks in the profession and thereby improving service delivery.

Mr Bett said the board will also have the mandate of dealing with complains raised by clients.

He said: “Look at the buildings which are collapsing today. There must have been somebody who was pretending to be an engineer. If you consider the buildings which burn down due to electrical faults there must have been somebody who was pretending to be in that profession.”

His Permanent Secretary added that streamlining the engineering profession would ensure that the country achieves its Vision 2030 goals.

“If you look at economic growth last year, the construction sector contributed 8.6 percent. It is the only sector that showed the biggest growth,” he said.


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