Kenyan MP in carjack ordeal

June 10, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 10 – Khwisero Member of Parliament Evans Bulimo Akula was carjacked on Tuesday night and robbed of Sh50,000 before being freed unharmed after a three-hour ordeal.

He told Capital News the saga was “the worst incident in his life ” but said he was lucky to be alive for cooperating with the heavily armed gangsters.

The lawmaker said he was attacked as he was about to enter his compound on Rhapta Road in Westlands at about 11 pm.

“I was driving home and didn’t know there were people following me. When the guard opened the gate, a saloon car appeared and four men immediately came out,” he said.

“Some of them got into my Mercedes Benz, forced me into the back seat and ordered me to close my eyes. I cooperated with them and they drove off,” he said and added that that the gangsters were driving recklessly.

“I was very worried because the men were all armed with AK-47 rifles and were driving my vehicle carelessly. I thought we could even cause an accident,” he said in a telephone interview.

He recalled how the gangsters drove to Kahawa West, Ngara and later to Buru Buru estate where they asked him for his ATM card.

“When they asked for money, I said I could get them Sh50, 000 and that was what was in the ATM.  They stopped the vehicle and one of them asked for my PIN and went to the cash point,” he said.

“That is what saved me because when they got the money, they drove to Upper Hill and said it was a convenient location to abandon me,” he said.

To his surprise, he said, the gangsters ordered him to drive in the second saloon car and took off in his Mercedes.

“I was worried but drove all the way to my home where I found many police officers already in the compound,” he said.

Unknown to him, the vehicle he was given had been stolen from another motorist who was locked up in the boot.

“As soon as I parked in the compound, we heard someone banging the boot. We opened it and realised he was the owner of the vehicle who had been carjacked in Ngara,” he said.

Police later escorted the man home and told him to report at Kilimani police station the following morning to record a statement.

“I was also told to go record a statement at the police station. I thank God I am alive today,” he said.

Kasarani divisional Police chief Jaspa Ombati told Capital News that the MP’s vehicle was recovered mid morning on Wednesday at Kamai area in Kahawa West.

No arrests have been made yet.


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