Union warns against salary delay

May 25, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, May 25 – The Union of Kenya Civil Servants has called on the government to ensure that this month’s salaries are not delayed as has been reported in sections of the media.

The Union’s Secretary General Tom Odege said on Sunday that an error on the Supplementary Budget should not be used as a scapegoat to delay the salary payment.

“The affected ministries like the education sector, Health and the Office of the President form the bulk of public servants, so by saying 80 percent of ministries has been sorted out is very irrelevant,” said Mr Odege.

He said it was possible for the government to pay the salaries in time if all available options were explored.

“If you look at the financial system we have in the country, they are not giving the ministries the actual money. It’s just information sent to the ministries and with the modern technology, you cannot tell me those people cannot factor the information to the ministries concerned in a day. It’s actually just a matter of hours,” he emphasised.

“Let them work round the clock to ensure that salaries are paid on Thursday and Friday without fail. We are not going for the long weekend minus salary.”

The Union’s Nairobi Branch Secretary William Ogolla said that with the hard economic times being experienced; it would be unfair to delay salary payments.

“The longer it takes to pay the civil servants, the harder it becomes to cope with the economic crisis and more so in Nairobi where everything is expensive,” Mr Ogolla stated.

Reports have indicated that the civil servants pay may be delayed following the typographical error in the Supplementary Budget earlier this month.


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